One Little Word 2017

Ali Edwards chooses a word each year to focus on. I know I’ve mentioned this previously, but I think it’s a great exercise to do every year. I’ve been doing it since roughly 2007.

My word for 2016 came late. It was already well in to 2016 before I finally chose a word, or rather, it chose me. WARRIOR.

Usually, my words don’t choose me. Usually I have thought long and hard about the process, and what I want to achieve in the coming year, and I look for a word until one speaks to me. It’s a surprise when a word chooses me, and I was surprised to realise that my word for 2017 has again chosen me.


I need some hope in my life. Hope that this depression will lift, that it isn’t going to last forever. Hope that my psychiatrist can sort out my medications. Hope that the weight I have gained gets lost. Hope that I can commit to some healthier habits, like yoga. Hope that going back to work is the change that I need. Hope that working will help me feel like I have a purpose. Hope that I can continue moving forward, even if it’s slowly, toward remission. Hope that this isn’t all in vain.

It’s a loaded word, but just thinking about it, gives me strength.

So here we go. As 2016 comes to a close- a year with significant ups and downs for me mentally, I walk into 2017 with something I haven’t felt in quite some time. HOPE.



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