A Few Favorite Links

Wear Your Label is a Canadian company that aims to end the stigma surrounding Mental Health through clothing meant to start conversations about mental illness. I recently bought a couple of gemstone bracelets from this company, one representing anxiety and one representing mood disorders. 10% of the profits from bracelet sales goes toward funding their giving initiatives.

Jenny Lawson from The Bloggess is one of my favorite bloggers. She’s funny. If you haven’t read any of her posts before, the first one you should read is about Beyoncé the Chicken. She’s the person who introduced me to the idea that depression lies. She’s very open about her mental health disorders, and she’s a great supporter of people who are battling their own illnesses. One of my favorite of her posts about the struggle of mental health is:

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

You need to know that your struggle is a real one.  You need to know that your fight is real and your survival is something to be proud of.  Remember that you are needed.  Remember that the things you say can affect those of us who fight.  Remember that not all things are visible and provable.  Love, faith, pain, anxiety, depression, compassion…these aren’t always quantifiable.  They aren’t always measurable.  They are often invisible.  But they are real.

Another post that I came across recently on Facebook, and then found the actual link through the Bloggess, is Boggle the Owl. I absolutely LOVE this post.

There is also the Canadian Mental Health website.

Anxiety BC is another great resource.




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